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H.R.Polycoats Pvt. Ltd.

We started manufacturing Artificial Leather way back in 1995. Over the years the company has expanded its technological base, bringing a wide range of products. Our Quality Management System confirms to the Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001:2008. Facilities include in-house design, production, manufacturing, quality control, inspection and after sales services.

H.R.Polycoats is India’s leading manufacturer of Artificial Leather. From 1995 we have never looked back and have shown phenomenal growth with every passing year.

Our world-class infrastructure consists of Coating, Non Wooven, Embossing, Printing, Lacquering, Sueding, Tumbling and Laminating. Our Laboratories are capable of testing predominantly all properties of artificial leather for different segments and applications.

We are empowered with advance I.T. Technologies to ensure High & Unmatched Quality and product and process traceability from start to end.

A focus on innovative designs and high quality has earned H.R.Polycoats a reputation of excellent amongst its users. H.R.Polycoats has offered its customers quality and cost-effective products, necessary to meet the changing technology. Our commitment to total quality managment in both our products and services is the foundation upon which our future business is based.

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